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Sustainability is the essence of our approach. We strive for a business that harmoniously intertwines with the environment, promotes responsible use of resources, and underpins our commitment to preserving the honeybees for future generations.

Our Approach

Sonoma County Bee Company is leading the way in redefining beekeeping. We practice regenerative beekeeping, which goes beyond traditional practices to create a more sustainable and bee-friendly environment. Regenerative beekeeping focuses on restoring and enhancing the natural habitat of bees, rather than simply managing them for honey production. Our honey is seasonal and available in limited quantities to align with the natural cycle of the colony.

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating beautiful and effective products while ensuring our production processes never jeopardize the well-being of bees, nature, or any element of our precious ecosystem.

Our Labels

All of our products meet the following standards.

Our products are crafted with the utmost respect for bees and their habitats. From our beekeeping practices to how we harvest honey and wax, we are committed to protecting these vital pollinators in everything we do.