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Our Mission

Encouraging people to become better bee stewards through hive inspired products, education and inspiration.

Our Story

Founded in 2019, Candice Koseba created Sonoma County Bee Company out of a love for nature and a deep appreciation for all that bees contribute to nature. In everything we do, we aim to protect the honeybee and hope to preserve nature for future generations.

“Koseba’s first priority is to the bees and to helping folks be better stewards of the land by way of creating bee-friendly habitats.”

"I heard about spending a golden afternoon with Candice Koseba, the founder of Sonoma County Bee Company...and the star of a new on-property experience at Montage Healdsburg. There’s definitely no sweeter way to spend an afternoon this spring or summer."

Our Products

We offer an exclusive range of skincare products and holistic remedies, deeply rooted in sustainability and crafted with utmost respect for nature and the remarkable bees, harnessing their natural gifts to nurture your health and beauty.

Our Commitment

Each one of our products is responsibly produced in small batches with the highest standards. We carefully formulate, refine and consider seasonality and the scarcity of the hive when creating each of our products to honor nature and the hive.

Our Approach

We practice sustainable beekeeping methods that not only protect, but also enrich the life of bees, thereby ensuring their preservation for generations to come.